Coral & Tusk's new Jungle Collection has arrived

We are delighted by the new Jungle collection that just arrived from Stephanie at Coral & Tusk.


Inhabiting the collection's imagery is a verdant dreamscape of palm fronds and pineapple trees, where tropical monkeys and savanna dwelling cheetahs live under the same jade green canopy and fiery red sun. Part of an untamed nature, the jungle has long inhabited the human imagination, often revealing itself in visual forms, as in Henri Rousseau's tableaus to elegant painted wallpapers. Designer Stephanie Housley’s invented jungle brings together a variety of remarkable species and biomes, unfolding across one collection of embroidered fabrics, pillows and table linens. Her passion for wildlife protection and land preservation is a driving force behind her spring collection with each design incorporating endangered animals in the hopes to instill an appreciation for their lives and an awareness for their threatened habitats.