Gold Bug Celebrates 15 Years in Pasadena

Friday, October 14th

Celebrating 15 years of Gold Bug with NEW ART from: 

 Please stop by and help us celebrate the fantastic times we have shared here in Old Town Pasadena. We have invited two of our favorite artists to display collections of new and never before seen pieces and are excited to announce that they will be present to talk about their work. Please join us for a festive night, the bubbly will be poured and good company will abound, we look forward to seeing you!

A California native, Lee Downey has been making jewelry for over 35 years. Immersed in the turquoise trade and operating a purpose driven studio since 1984, he is still just as passionate about the geology that originally inspired his carving. From his studio in Bali, Lee and his family of highly skilled craftspeople create one of a kind art pieces from natural and reclaimed materials with unwavering attention to detail, quality and style with a dedication to sustainability and environmental consciousness. The pieces you see here are very much geared to the artist, not the market, and being appreciated for the inherent value of the oftentimes rare materials used in their making as well as the skill, time and daring necessary to execute them. Lee’s hope is that these bits and pieces of art and artifice will survive into the far future, heirlooms and treasures built to endure the long haul of time and the rewards of real beauty.

Born and raised in Minneapolis, Kristina Drake moved to California in 2014 where she currently lives and works. A sculptor since childhood, she explores themes like death and change through the lens of the natural world. Animal skulls, insects and geology feature prominently in her art, impressing upon the viewer a sense of time and space. She has shown in galleries across the country and works with aquariums and museums to help spread awareness for ongoing conservation efforts. She believes strongly that using the natural world in art as an allegory helps us to better understand ourselves and can bring attention to conservation efforts and institutions that work to protect our environment.