Mounts Toward Infinity: An Exotic Menagerie of Taxidermied Birds

"Mounts Toward Infinity" Opening Event

May 12, 2018


We are excited to welcome the mounted birds of Elizabeth Mills, local taxidermy artist, to Gold Bug.

In "Mounts Toward Infinity," we present you with a dozen exotic bird varieties, many of which you have probably never seen, freed from their cages and available to view from every angle. Come and marvel at nature's beauty with us!

Afterwards, wonder the streets of Old Pasadena, which will be celebrating BoldPas: An Art Takeover, with free demonstrations from well known artists and interactive art installations spilling into the alleyways.

*All of the bird specimens presented in Mounts Toward Infinity died of natural causes in captivity as someone's pet. No animals were harmed for the sake of art.