New Grainne Morton Jewelry

If Grainne Morton were to have a spirit animal, no doubt it would be the magpie. Instinctively and obsessively drawn to collecting and hoarding anything miniature or precious that catches her eye, Grainne has amassed an incredible collection of objects - all destined to find their place among the tales she weaves within her jeweled compositions.

Grainne lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland, with her husband, two children and thousands of tiny little found objects that she uses to create the wearable art you see here in an ever changing collection of unique and one-of-a-kind pieces. Collecting vintage and antique buttons, glass charms, medallions, badges and charms, Grainne tells bold and whimsical stories with her wearable art. Some surreal statement pieces, other totally modern/every day earrings featuring pieces of the past, every piece in her collection is likely to spark worldly conversation among the people paying attention to the small details of the world.