Seahorse Timekeeper Carving

  • Lee Downey Art Ojects Hand Carved from Natural Jet Wood or Materials like Metal, Mineral, Fossil and Reclaimed Billiard Ball

Seahorse Timekeeper Carving

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  • Hand carved fossilized wood
  • One of a kind
  • 15.5 inch tall x 9 inch wide x 4.5 inch deep

Known as "jet", the rich black material used to create this larger than life Seahorse Timekeeper sculpture is a rare form of fossilized wood which formed millions of years ago under extreme pressure during decomposition. Due to its hardness, it has been favored as a gemstone by jewelry carvers since the Neolithic period. Because of its expense and rarity, one does not typically see pieces of jet this large used for sculpture. The Seahorse Timekeeper stands as a reminder that our oceans and their wellbeing hold the key to our future on this planet.

Other materials include: Natural formed pearl eyes and natural colored peacock turquoise stone with brass fossil casting that give color to this otherwise deep black sculpture. Mounted on a polished Thuya wood base this sculpture also includes a removable hand carved vintage #8 billiard ball battery operated clock on a turning bronze hourglass.

Each section of this piece detaches from one another for easy transport.