Serpent Tablet Charm

  • Maura Green fine jewelry snake charm tablet front made from mother of pearl shell available at Gold Bug Gallery in Pasadena CA

Serpent Tablet Charm

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Guardian of sacred spaces, the serpent is found at the entrance to many ancient holy sites. As snakes shed their skins they are also symbols of rebirth, immortality, transformation, and healing.

This charm, intended to be worn on a necklace with other pieces or individually, is carved from abalone and mother of pearl shell layered together and set in sterling silver. It hangs approximately 1.25” long & .75” across and can be worn on either side. Due to the natural variation in the shell color from which each piece is carved, as well as the hand of the individual artist who carved it, expect slight variation from the piece photographed above. In this, each talisman is unique and one-of-kind, and will be specific to the one who possesses it. 

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* These pieces are not intended to be worn in water. Chains sold separately.