Ruby Stone Bracelet (July Birthstone)

  • Los Angeles based jewelry desginer Joseph Brooks uses natural colored stones to create adjustable everyday bracelets for men and women

Ruby Stone Bracelet (July Birthstone)

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8mm faceted ruby stone beads with on a durable cord bracelet with adjustable closer for any wrist size.

Emanating the vibrant and powerful pure Red Ray this stone has an energizing and activating effect to one's physical, mental and emotional body. A stone known to enhance the passion and fortitude within you, wearing a Ruby brings a vivacious energy when pursuing personal aspirations and goals. Imparting a vigorous attitude toward life, Ruby creates an openhearted willingness to make leaps of faith towards moving forward in career, relationship or a spiritual path one is embarking upon. This sense of courage can alleviate feelings of doubt and quells anxiety by helping us to become comfortable with the unknown. 

Found in India, Cambodia, and Mexico. 

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