Gold Bug's ongoing partnerships with today's most inspirational designers, respected for the quality of their craftsmanship as well as creativity of subject, make it a must see destination whenever visiting the Los Angeles area.

Focused on the work of local artists, the gallery is home to a truly unique collection of art that will not be seen anywhere else in the world. The highly collectable home decor and gift items are taken home by some of the most respected names in Hollywood, both on screen and off, who frequent the store to view the highly curated collection of unique, handmade goods from the highly skilled and visionary artists represented here.


The most commonly held image of a glassblower is of a somewhat romanticized craftsman surrounded by flaming furnaces, making vases and bowls and drinking vessels, water jugs and little decorative horses for countertop and mantle. Though this is for the most part accurate, I consider my goal as an artist to examine the role of glass in relation to its function. Must a vessel be used in order to be functional? Does a functionless sculpture have a real purpose outside of aesthetic contemplation? If so, does its creator have to take responsibility for making something that is otherwise useless?

Designed in her workshop amid the historic countryside of New York's Hudson Valley, Annette Ferdinandsen's jewelry reflects the inherent grace of the flora and fauna surrounding her. Each piece is handcrafted in her studio, which is filled with natural curiosities that inspire her- from coral branches to exotic seashells to bouquets of feathers and colorful flowers.
Beans of John, also known as Kelley [KT] Benes [Beans], is an artist living and working in Los Angeles, California. An explorer and lover of the unique, Kelley draws inspiration from the peculiar trinkets, found objects and natural artifacts that she has collected during her travels over the years. A lover of nature above all else, she is dedicated to sustainability and uses donated sea shells and recycled relics, such as dentures and glass eyes, to create the pieces in her body of work.
Born in Carhaix in the heart of Brittany, Pascale Nivet Bernetière lives and works in Rennes embroidering her unique accessories by hand. Along with her husband and business partner Fabrice, she travels through dedicated salons to meet her enthusiasts and spread the magic of her creations worldwide.
Christopher Marley is an American artist and naturalist born in Los Angeles and raised in the Pacific Northwest. At 18 he left home and lived for over a decade traveling through dozens of countries pursuing a career in fashion while studying art and design.  His unique aesthetic was honed while working for iconic brands such as Luis Vuitton, Georgio Armani, Gucci, Donna Karan and Nike.
Elizabeth Berdann draws inspiration for her innovative jewelry designs from the aesthetics of late-19th century art and fashion. She appreciates the complex symbolism of Victorian mourning jewelry, the intricacies of the Gothic Revival, and the expressive lines of Art Nouveau. Her work blends these historical influences with cutting-edge technology to create jewelry that nods to the past, exists in the present, and will last long into the future.
Evan Chambers spent a lot of time while growing up making objects in his parents’ metal, ceramics, and stained glass studios.  It was being in those environments when young that helped direct him to what he is doing today, informing his philosophy of the important balance that exists between art and craft and the guidelines he creates within today. Combining copper, bronze and lustre glass to create unique lamps and art objects in his local Pasadena hot shop, Evan reference to both art nouveau aesthetics and worlds akin to those created by Jules Verne and Hieronymus Bosch in his art.
If Grainne Morton were to have a spirit animal, no doubt it would be the magpie. Instinctively and obsessively drawn to collecting and hoarding anything miniature or precious that catches her eye, Grainne has amassed an incredible collection of objects - all destined to find their place among the tales she weaves within her jeweled compositions.
Jamie Joseph Jewelry has always been about the stones. Working together, Jamie and Jeremy Joseph convey their artistic vision by focusing on bringing light, shape, and an organic framework to some of the most beautiful stones in the world. Giving equal focus to qualities of movement, asymmetry, texture and luminosity, stones are transformed into wearable artwork with gold, silver, platinum and diamonds. Renowned for her meticulously hand-crafted designs, Jamie's pieces are elegant, timeless  and one-of-a-kind, featured in numerous publications world-wide including Vogue, Elle, and In Style.
From the start, LBK Studio has focused on combining innovative design with the expression of the fascinating qualities of the materiality of glass. Glass blowing, casting and torch work are all employed at the studio to create the glass art objects that are produced. Manifesting from a background in design, sculpture, anthropology and archaeology, these pieces are influenced by an eclectic combination of historical glass and its makers, the cabinet of curiosities, and the natural world. At LBK Studio, they believe every object is imbued with the spirit of the maker.
The Margery Hirschey collection is marked by an incorporation of ancient style and techniques with a modern sensibility.  Through an artistic eye for color pairings and the use of thoughtful asymmetry, the natural beauty of the materials is able to truly shine.  The collection's innovative approach strives to take jewelry design beyond the confines of what is considered, "fine jewelry" to create beautiful, unique pieces which stand the test of time without conforming to traditional standards.
From an early age, Midwest born artist Michael Campbell has made a connection between handcrafted objects and the divine. Using the mushroom as his talisman, Campbell explores the roles they play as natural 'decomposers' of dead, organic matter as well as symbols of altered states of consciousness throughout history. The bold red and white spotted caps of the immediately identifiable amanita muscaria are iconic symbols and colors referenced worldwide, from contemporary Christian holiday rituals such as Christmas to Siberian Shamans engaged in vision quests. Campbell works with these mushrooms specifically in reference to their depiction as forbidden fruit in the Christian fresco found in the Plaincouroualt Abbey.