Head of Athena Ruby Pendant

  • Head of Athena Ruby Pendant

Head of Athena Ruby Pendant

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Silver tetradrachm issued circa 123/122 BC in Athens weighing 16.88 grams measuring 28.73mm. 

Depicting the head of Athena Parthenos facing right and wearing a richly ornamented triple-created helmet adorned with Pegasus and foreparts of horses. On the obverse, her owl standing on prostrate amphora inscribed with the magistrates name and the mine mark with Nike standing on the bottom right with a wreath circled within an olive wreath. 

Coin set in a solid 22k gold pendant with 6 smooth Ruby stones and 2 faceted white diamonds measuring 1.5” wide and hanging 1.75” long. 

This coin comes with a certificate of authenticity from David R. Sear.