Pepita Anatomical Heart Vase

  • Pepita Anatomical Heart Vase

Pepita Anatomical Heart Vase

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The In Alto I Couri collection is comprised of unique heart-shaped biscuit porcelain ex-votos decorated with paint, small sculpture or 24k gold to convey universal messages in contemporary themes. Each piece has a glazed interior and wall mount so that it can be filled with water and used as a wall hanging vase or a simple art object. Each heart measuring roughly 10"x10".

Pepita- House of Love.

Pieces in this design are made in small quantity and one by one, therefor, each will differ slightly from the one photographed here. Limited availability of each design.

FOS Ceramiche has been a manufacture of handmade porcelain art and design objects in Feanza, Italy since 1987.

Well before their existence, though, ceramic art flourished in Feanza as early as the 13th century, known world wide as the center of production for a variety of pottery known today as Faience, a name derived from its origin.

Drawing on this unparalleled heritage of technique to process clays such as stoneware and porcelain, FOS's contemporary studio is unique in its beauty of composition, perfection of form and the accuracy of detail found in every creation produced. It is in this that the collection seen below sets a new quality standard in the modern world for the use and exaltation of the classic material known as biscuit porcelain.

Each piece is engraved with the FOS brand as well as the excellence of  "Made in Italy".