• Poltergeist



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Title: Poltergeist
Artist: Douglas Little
Date: 2021
Materials: Natural Fragrances and Ceramic.
Tabletop Tea Light Holder Perfume Stand measuring 15" high & 9.5" across.


Enlightening Wormwood teases sexy Galbanum, Rock Rose, and scorched Birch Tar for a smoky, woody, and otherworldly fragrance. Natural ingredients plus safe synthetics. 50mL

Top Notes: Juniper, Pine, Wormwood, Frankincense
Heart: Champaca Flower, Hinoki Wood
Base: Birch Tar, Cade, Cedar, Labdanum, Palo Santo Fruit

About the Artist:
Douglas Little is the Founder, Perfumer, Creative Director and driving force behind Heretic Parfum. Since childhood, Douglas has been bewitched by fragrances, and through decades of experience, has learned to create scents that are nothing short of magical. From the earliest days of his career, Douglas has blended and launched exceptional fragrances using natural materials.