The Tell-Tale Heart

  • The Tell-Tale Heart

The Tell-Tale Heart


Title: The Tell-Tale Heart
Artist: Drew Struzan
Date: 2020
Materials: Gold foil and paint on bisque porcelain 
Wall hanging / tabletop sculpture measuring 9" high, 6" wide and 4" deep.
About the Artist:

STAR WARS. INDIANA JONES. E.T. BACK TO THE FUTURE. GOONIES. HELLBOY. SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION. HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON. Two hundred movie posters ... at least. Drew Struzan's career lasted for decades. Through it all he continued to refine the art of the movie poster. Working in Hollywood was never a cakewalk. It was high-stress and short deadlines coupled with fun and creative alliances. It was, in short, happy, hard work. The rest, as they say, is history. A giant in the industry, with one of the most iconic and easily recognizable painting styles in the world, Drew's art continues to inspire the public and artists alike. He has now retired and wishes everyone a long and rewarding journey. His advice is simple. If you love art, follow your love.

After college, Drew beat the streets. A lot. His fortitude and tenacity were minimally rewarded with a stream of small, low-paying jobs. College taught him how to be an artist but not how to be a businessman. And so, he struggled along ultimately signing with a small boutique advertising agency where he created album covers. It was Alice Cooper’s “Welcome to my Nightmare,” splashed across the huge billboard that stood over Tower Records on Sunset Boulevard, that gave him his big break. The movie industry took notice.