Walnut Burr Wood Journal- Extra Large

  • Walnut Burr Wood Journal- Extra Large

Walnut Burr Wood Journal- Extra Large

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The Walnut Burr journal comes in three sizes, Medium 8.75”x7”, Large 10.25”x8” & Extra Large 12”x9”.  

Each wood journal cover is made of real wood and totally unique from the next. The wood of these pieces are solid and durable, the flexible spine made by laser cutting. The paper notebooks included with each journal are replaceable for 35$ or less, please inquire.

Walnut trees, best known for their rich nut production, are native to areas stretching from South Eastern Europe to South Western China. They thrive in Britain where they have been popular since the time of the Romans who purportedly introduced them to countries right across Europe.

Walnut burr is particularly attractive and highly sought after thanks to its distinctively rich colour and complex decorative patterning. Figuring tends to be consistently wild and attractive and exhibits tones that range from light to deep warm browns with tinges of rusty reds. The best burr is sourced from the base of the Walnut tree.