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Sense of Nature

The visual inspiration for the Sense of Nature collection came from Alex’s long-standing fascination with Milagros or Ex-Voto - metallic folk tokens used as religious offerings in Mexico, Latin America and Italy. Hand-carved quirky charms depict miniature body parts and ornate sacred heart motifs to form medallions. Alongside these fun elements, the senses are celebrated through intricate engravings symbolizing touch, sight, sound, scent and taste.

Visit Gold Bug between the hours of 4-8pm on Friday, June 7 for the United States Launch Party of the Sense of Nature Collection. To celebrate, we will be indulging the senses with an immersive natural environment: SMELL the flowers that cover the room, TASTE the chocolate truffles from a local Pasadena maker, TOUCH the jewels that lay before you, HEAR the laughter of kindred spirits about you and the birdsong in the air, SEE the shimmering of light. The evening is about the sensation of being alive! Come dressed to impress :)

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On View

Communicating experience through creation, Andy Paiko creates glass objects that convey the master craftsperson's relationship to concepts of form and function..

Turquoise stones in gold framework shaped like butterfly wings with round red ruby accent on earring hooks
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