Born in Carhaix in the heart of Brittany, artist Pascale Nivet Bernetière lives and works in Rennes embroidering her unique accessories by hand. Along with her husband and business partner Fabrice, she travels through dedicated salons to meet her enthusiasts and spread the magic of her creations worldwide. But who is Celeste Mogador?

Celeste Mogador is the pseudonym of a famous French can-can dancer born by the name of Élisabeth-Céleste Vénard in Paris on December 27, 1824. Beginning her career at the age of 16 at Cirque-Olympique, France's first established circus ring, Celeste quickly rose to success as a performer and social organizer. She helped introduce such dances as the quadrille and can-can to respected establishments like the Bal Mabille and may have even inspired the character of Carmen in Bizet's opera by the same name. Spending most of her life fighting for respect due to her humble beginnings, Celeste wrote prolifically and produced some twelve novels, thirty plays and operettas, and dozens of poems. It was not until later in her life that she was finally recognized by her peers for the contribution she had made to the stage. It is this offbeat and spectacular character and the sound of the name "Celeste Mogador" that seduces and inspires the creator the pieces seen below.