Beans of John, also known as Kelley [KT] Benes [Beans], is an artist living and working in Los Angeles, California. An explorer and lover of the unique, Kelley draws inspiration from the peculiar trinkets, found objects and natural artifacts that she has collected during her travels over the years which inform her work today. A lover of nature above all else, she is dedicated to sustainability and uses donated sea shells and recycled relics, such as dentures and glass eyes, to create the pieces in the body of work you see below.
On top of making unsettling objects made up of teeth, shells, eggs, eyes, and human hair, Kelley is also a practicing illustrator, mixed media artist, and taxidermist.
Knick Knack 2
Knick Knack 2 $1,200.00
Pinnidae $1,400.00
Goose $1,100.00
Mel $345.00
Hard Boiled
Hard Boiled $550.00