After an illustrious 18-year career as a member of the National and Olympic US Luge Team, Erica Molinari had no idea what her next steps in life would be. It was not until she took a class in 22k granulation that she had any idea her path would lead her towards the fine jewelry collection you see here now. After falling in love with the craft and 6 years of apprenticing under a seasoned bench jeweler, she created her first collection in 2005.  

Having no formal training in the art of metalsmithing or jewelry design, Molinari has created her own distinctive style with her affinity for jewelry, that is deeply entrenched with meaning. One is drawn to her work not only for its beauty, but for the meaning and symbolism behind each design. She is a mix master of past details and shapes which she combines with creative abandon. Her collections are an extensive mix of pieces, that blend gothic, medieval and Victorian inspirations. Molinari continues to rejuvenate jewelry with a modern take on history and imbues all her pieces with a newly found presence. An edgier take on the classics, it is gutsier, yet still feminine and respects the integrity of her love of the old-world charm.