Pasadena City Flyer for participating in organic waste disposal program

Happy Earth Day!

As of April 2024, the City of Pasadena has a new and mandatory Organic Waste Disposal Program which is easy to navigate and participate in!

Some people might not know this about Gold Bug... Our foundation lay rooted in our veneration of the earth.

Gold Bug's modus operandi has always been to bring to the public unique, hand made art objects that respect the highest degree of ecological consciousness possible. With consideration given to the sustainability of resources used, modes of production and longevity of the objects it presents. Supporting artists that utilize natural or recycled materials like metal, glass, antique books, wood, ceramic, stone, shells, flower extract, animal artifact, cloth, etc. because they keep the art of its crafting alive every time they create. Respect is payed during the meticulous manipulation of source material. Material which comes from, and will one day return to, the Earth. Sustainability comes from this.

It is our belief that an awareness and appreciation for these founding principals binds most of the members of the Gold Bug community together, sharing in an unyielding dedication to respect, preserve and protect the natural environment we share. We feel very lucky to be surrounded by the conscientiousness and love inherent in this. We hope you have such a lovely day celebrating our Mother Earth :D 

If you live here in Pasadena, one of the ways that you can help make a HUGE DIFFERENCE in our local environment is by participating in the NEW food wast disposal program. Unless, of course, you already have a composting program and/or don't make organic waste, good for you!

Beginning April 2024, Per SB 1383 and the City Ordinance, single-family properties, multi-family properties, and commercial businesses in Pasadena are required to subscribe to and participate in organics collection services. California adopted Senate Bill 1383 (SB 1383) which requires communities to reduce organic waste disposal, such as food waste, by 75% by 2025. To achieve this mandate, the City launched its Curbside Organics Recycling program in 2022. Food waste should no longer be going in the trash - residential refuse customers must include bagged food waste in their Yard Waste containers. Businesses and multi-family and apartment properties are also required to subscribe and participate in organics collection services. Contact your current franchise hauler for guidance on organic recycling options.