Invitation to opening reception for Kristina Drake's Apparel Exhibit on September 8, 2023 featuring a photo of the jean jackets that will be shown

Opening Event for New Work by Kristina Drake

Kristina Drake debuts her first clothing collection at Gold Bug this evening, featuring hand embroidered jean jackets with bold, colorful and unique nature-inspired patches of her own design.
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WHEN: Friday, September 8, 2023 from 4pm-8pm
WHAT: Show Opening Party
WHERE: Gold Bug 38 E Holly Street, Pasadena

After participating in several shows here at Gold Bug in which her sculptural work was exhibited, we are excited to host the first show of Drake's apparel. The collection of jean jackets will be featured, decorated with unique assemblages of her hand embroidered patches which are all original designs. Each coat boasting upward of 20 totally unique patches, they will be true *wearable works of art.

Mushroom Patches Hand Stitched by Kristina Drake

Born and raised in Minneapolis, Kristina Drake moved to California in 2014 where she currently lives and works. A nature lover since childhood, she explores themes such as death and change through the lens of the natural world. Insects, plant matter, animal skulls and references to geology appear throughout her body of work, impressing upon the viewer a sense of time and space. Drake believes strongly that using the natural world as allegory in her art not only helps us to better understand ourselves, but can also bring attention and support to conservation efforts being made to protect our environment. She has shown in galleries across the United States and spends her free time volunteering with institutions which spread environmental awareness by utilizing her art and expertise.

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Hand embroidered patch featuring side view of animal skull with plant foliage emanating from its open mouth