Welcome Visitors!

What you are experiencing was inspired by a short story called "The Gold Bug", written by Edgar Allen Poe in 1843, a mystery in which a magic gold scarab beetle leads the way to a most incredible discovery of buried pirates' treasure. Gold Bug is our treasure, our hope is to offer our visitors a visual and sensual experience that will draw them into a trove of rare and unusual wonder and send them on an inspiring journey through something which they have never before experienced.

Our retail/exhibition space is hidden down a lesser known alleyway, just off of the quiet side street of Union, amongst the independent retailers that make up the shopping district in Old Town Pasadena. A gem amongst the other offerings in this area, we have curated a truly unique retail experience. Gold Bug is a gallery space with the atmosphere of a museum, in which we welcome you respectfully explore and ask questions, filled with hand-made art, distinctive décor, and coveted collectables available for purchase. 

Our History

Goldbug is a family-owned business that values community and nurtures artists, free spirits, and nature lovers. We first opened our doors in Pasadena the fall of 2007, a location that has become an international destination for designers, artists, and travelers looking for unique additions to their homes and life style. Today, with Theodora Coleman at the helm, Goldbug has entered a new and exciting phase, partnering with artists and interior designers for even larger collaborations for the future evolutions of the store.

The Collections

Featuring over 100 artists, our ever-changing collections have something to captivate and engage nearly every palate. Whether you are looking for your next piece of statement jewelry, an embellishment for your home, or a one-of-a-kind gift for a special friend or family member, Goldbug is the premier destination in Los Angeles for procuring the elegant unique.

Artists’ one-of-a-kind creations come and go from our retail gallery on a daily basis, which means that our store is in a constant state of dynamic evolution. There is something new to discover during every visit.

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Our website is but a glimpse into the world we have created at our brick and mortar, located at 34 East Union Street Pasadena CA, where there are MANY more treasures to be found; some are larger than we are interested in shipping while others are truly unique, one-of-a-kind creations that simply do not hang around long enough to be photographed and loaded to the site. Whatever the case, following us on Instagram and Facebook will allow you a more in-depth glimpse at our collections. Of course, we put the majority of our love and attention into the physical location and welcome you to visit us whenever possible.