Core Ingrato Anatomical Heart

  • Core Ingrato Anatomical Heart

Core Ingrato Anatomical Heart

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Ungrateful Heart

Core, core 'ngrato, te haie pigliato 'a vita mia! Tutt' è passato, e nun nce pienze cchiù!” - Ungrateful heart, you have stolen my life! It's all over and you don't think about it anymore!

- lyrics from the Neapolitan song by Salvatore Cardillo (1911)

The In Alto I Couri collection is comprised of unique heart-shaped biscuit porcelain ex-votos decorated with paint, small sculpture or 24k gold to convey universal messages in contemporary themes. Each heart measures roughly 9”tall 6” wide 4”deep. With a flat back and hole for a nail, these are designed to be hung on the wall but are also a good tabletop object.

Pieces in this design are made in small quantity and one by one, therefor, each will differ slightly from the one photographed here. Limited availability of each design.