The Whistle Blower Jet Carving

  • The Whistle Blower Jet Carving

The Whistle Blower Jet Carving

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"The Whistle Blower"

This piece was inspired by the functioning WW2 Aviation Clock that is embedded in its base. A treasure on its own, the clock holds an 8 day wind and was removed from a fighter plane before eventually finding its way to rest in this fossilized wood sculpture with an accompanying whistle from the same time. 

Known as "Jet", the rich black material used to create the crouching skeleton and plinth on which it rests is a rare form of fossilized wood formed millions of years ago under extreme pressure during decomposition. Due to its hardness, it is now considered a gemstone and is valued as such.         

After starting out as a silversmith in Arizona immersed in the turquoise trade over 30 years ago, Lee Downey is still passionate about gems, minerals and everything geology today. From his studio in Bali, Lee and a family of highly skilled craftspeople create one of a kind art pieces from natural and reclaimed materials with an unwavering attention to detail, quality and style very much geared to the artist rather than the market.

Paleontology, gems and minerals, geology, metals...all the natural history that gives a rich sense of being linked to every person that ever wondered over some beautiful Object....natural or artifactual. Wonder full stuff. This is what drives the designs you see here. And the hope is that these bits and pieces of art and artifice will survive into the far future, heirlooms and treasures that are built to endure the long haul of time and the rewards of real beauty.