From fine jewelry to street & costume, Gold Bug Jewelry will make a statement. We display unique designer jewelry made of solid gold, diamonds and precious gems perfect for gift giving, as well pieces made of plated metals, crystal and vintage components for every day wear or special nights out when you want to make an impact. If you are looking for something eye-catching that no one has seen before, you are sure to find it here.

Fine Jewelry designer Jaqueline Cullen Jet jewelry for the modern woman
Small Jet Ring $1,675.00
On sale
Pearl Sterling Silver Tie Clip
Pearl Tie Clip $187.50 $375.00
On sale
Pyrite Tie Clip by Jewelry Designer Melissa Joy Manning
Pyrite Tie Clip $132.50 $265.00
Bali Drusy Ring
Bali Drusy Ring From $825.00
Peridot Ring
Peridot Ring From $1,225.00
Faceted Moonstone Ring
Faceted Moonstone Ring From $1,675.00
Smooth Moonstone Ring
Smooth Moonstone Ring From $1,565.00
Snakeskin Agate Ring
Snakeskin Agate Ring From $925.00
Variscite Ring
Variscite Ring From $925.00